Best Michigan Haunted Houses & Halloween Attractions

Since Michigan has more than its fair share of haunted attractions, selecting the ones that truly stand-out can be a daunting process. Each one of the Featured Haunts, ranging from Haunted Houses to Haunted Trails, provides some of the best spooky entertainment you'll experience this season. Prepared for the fright of your life? Then gather some trusted friends and get ready to scream!

Shawhaven Haunted Farm
Mason, MI

IT’S BEEN 10 YEARS OF FARM FRESH FEAR We scared you for the past 10 years and you’ve asked for more, so this year we brought together the best minds to bring Shawhaven Farm to the next level! We ar... Read More

Manistees Ghost Ship
Manistee, MI

We'll scare the yell out of you. Every fall the S.S. City of Milwaukee transforms into Manistee's frightening GHOST SHIP. Visitors explore all five decks full of thrills, scares and ghostly be... Read More

Fowlerville, MI

Welcome to the PURGE! We've gone all out to create the sickest, most twisted, most disgustingly funny haunted house we've ever done. With the upcoming election year upon us what better time to take a ... Read More

Edson Incident
Bay City, MI

The Edson Incident is a premier haunted attraction aboard the mighty USS Edson in Bay City, Michigan. Those brave enough to enter will twist and climb their way through 5 levels of the Vietnam era U.S... Read More

Past Tense After Dark
Lapeer, MI

Lapeer's PREMIER haunted destination features 3 heart pounding haunted attractions, The Hayride of Despair, The Corn Maze of Fear and the House of Horrors. Can you survive all 3?... Read More

The Scream Machine
Taylor, MI

The Scream Machine has returned to Taylor! Come face to face with your fears as the Scream Machine brings to life your most horrifying phobias. Enter the asylum and down the Hellevator to find our... Read More


With 10 million residents and comprised of almost 100,000 square miles, Michigan ranks among the largest states in America. The large amount of space can certainly pose a daunting challenge for Michiganders who seek to take full advantage of the state's haunted attractions. Labeled with countless haunts,'s map is an important tool for planning both horror-filled weekends with friends and memorable date nights.